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    I am trying to understand my data usage graph and why the graph does not match up with the usage of Netflix listed below the actual graph. According to the graph I have used about 2.86GB. However the Netflix usage is at 4.64GB. Does anyone know why these do not match up? The amount of data usage recorded by Verizon is pretty close with the graph, Verizon is at 2.85GB. I have a limit set at 3.5 GB so I don't really understand how it can say Netflix has used 4.64GB. I let my son use my phone to watch stuff and noticed that my wifi was no longer paired which prompted me to check the data usage, I have the limit set in order to keep data usage to a minimum because in the past he has turned off wifi on the phone. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. In case it matters the phone is a Droid 4 running 98.72.18.XT894.Verizon.en.US. Android 4.1.2. I was under the impression that this graph only shows mobile data and not wifi, correct? I have attached some screen captures below. Thanks and I appreciate your time.

    Update: Also I spoke with Verizon technical support and they told me that the 2.86 GB was correct and not to worry about what it said for Netflix but they had no idea why Netflix was reporting more and not matching the graph. In the meantime I have disabled mobile data since I rarely use my phone for purposes other then making phone calls anyway.

    Just had another thought about this. Could it be that there is some kind of compression happening and the graph and Verizon measure the compressed traffic and once it hits the Netflix app and gets uncompressed then the Netflix app reports the uncompressed size of the data?

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