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    Here is a Metamorph I made for a dark twitter with transparent widget backgrounds

    Make sure the twitter.apk is named twitter.apk and in the system/app folder of your phone, to sucessfully get it there go to data/app and long press on the com.twitter.apk (or something like that) and select move, navigate to system/app and paste then reboot

    Put this zip file on your SD card and open MM and choose unzip new theme, choose theme, and apply all...then reboot

    Here are some screen shots


    if you don't like the transparent widget back you can open the MM file and remove the.png files and just have the dark twitter and regular widget backgrounds

    I tested this on my phone it worked perfectly, a reboot was necessary after the MM was applied for the changes to take effect, this is the stock twitter for android and should work on any device that is Metamorph compatable

    Any troubles post back, I am going out for a well deserved day with the family so I won't be able to address any issues until tonight, this is pretty simple so there shouldn't be any problems
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