Dark Gray Splotch on Photos, Videos and Ensuing Verizon Bungle

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    Hi All,

    About a month ago I noticed whenever I took a photo or video with my D2G there was a small gray splotch or gray spot on the photos. The spot was always in the same location on the photo or video. Once I discovered it in the photos, I noticed it would show up on the screen while in camera mode.

    I tried cleaning the lens and even downloaded a non-stock camera app (Vignette) to see if the spot was related to Motorola's stock camera app. The gray spot persisted after cleaning and with the other software. So I figure I've got a hardware issue.


    I called Verizon and after some explanations they decided to send me a refurbished replacement unit. I ordered it on Friday night, received it on Tuesday.

    Realizing that something could go wrong I backed up my entire original phone to my PC before proceeding with the changeover.

    You are supposed to be able to backup your contacts via Verizon Backup Assistant, your apps and calendar with your gmail account, and swap your SD card to the new phone to retain your photos, videos, music, etc. Apparently ringtones or anything else on internal phone-only memory would be lost. I would also have to configure my email accounts on the new phone (arrghhh). Since I was sending back my original phone I didn't want any personal info on it so I deleted all email accounts and social media accounts.

    After doing the switchover I had a problem. The new phone was not reading the SD card that I swapped over from my old phone. A call to Verizon tech support and I was told that there is built in protection against pirating music and that it is impossible to swap an SD card from one phone into another and having the new phone read the SD card. :icon_eek: (I don't have pirated music on my phone.) The solution given was to format my SD card while in the new phone or with my PC. I tried to get the tech to understand that I shouldn't have to format my SD card, that it should swap over with no problems, and even if I wanted to format it, my new phone can't read it so couldn't format it and I didn't have the appropriate card reader to do it on my PC. It was suggested that I format it in my old phone, then reinsert in the new phone and all should be good.

    Wrong. I still couldn't read my formatted SD card in my new phone. Another call to Verizon tech support where I used the magic words, "Elevate me to the next level of tech support", got me a guy that understood the problem and who admitted after running a bunch of tests including a factory reset, that my refurbished phone was defective--it couldn't read the SD card. Exact words, "perhaps they failed to connect the card reader to the motherboard." Whereupon I questioned the quality control of Verizon, "Isn't the ability of a phone to read the SD card one of the many tests that surely must be performed before passing quality control?"

    My next refurbished phone is supposed to arrive today. Meanwhile, I had to restore my old phone's email accounts, reactivate it and send back the first refurbished phone. The entire episode was about 2 1/2 hours of wasted time.

    However, the real kicker is I've since discovered that I NO LONGER HAVE THE GRAY SPOT in photos, videos, or on the screen in camera mode. Now I wonder if I should simply return the next refurb phone and keep my original?

    Comments on keeping my original phone or swapping it? Anybody have an idea what caused the gray spot and why it would go away?

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