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    I wanted to let everyone know that I now have my own section at DroidForums.net for my content. It is titled :blackdroid: Dark Android Designs :blackdroid: and is a subforum in the DroidX Themes forum.

    Any new threads I create for my content will be in this section, and all current theme release threads for the Dark Android and Blue Droid themes on all ROMs have been moved to this section as well (thank you cereal killer).

    Also moved was the thread for my themed Gingerbread keyboards. So if you were wondering where they went, that is where they are and will stay. I plan to post primarily on DroidForums.net from now on since they have been so generous as to give me a home here that I can call my own.

    Thanks for everyones support that has been with me so far and I hope to provide you with some awesome new content soon on even more ROMs including stock.

    Be sure to check out my new red theme for Gummy and RubiX and let me know what you think. It isn't as detailed as Dark Android, but I am waiting to see how well received it is before putting a lot more time into it.

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