D4 locks up mainly viewing pics

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    I never had a problem until the last time I tried moving files from internal storage to the SD card. Next My Gallery would lock up up unless it was in Albums view which means you have to scroll through every pic instead of being able to sort by designated folders. I then downloaded QuickPic and bought a new class 10 sd card everything went fine for a few weeks until my phone started locking up randomly, mainly while viewing pics or folders but happens during other random functions. Last night it seemed to be triggered using the camera/camcorder. Also the last 2 days I tried connecting to the computer using USB to transfer pics but the phone locks up and loading thumbnails stops and when I try safely ejecting the phone from the computer, it says it is in use, close the programs using it and try again. With no other options I pulled the USB cable and the computer keeps showing the phones drives in the computer window under removable storage. However reading from or transferring from the sd card works great if I remove it from the phone and use the SD card reader. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
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