D3 locked+Subsidy+Turbosim...any hope around droidforums?

Discussion in 'Droid 3 Hacks' started by xaser, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Well, I am really pissed by now... after 3 weeks waiting, finally I received a turbosim clone, that according a research to my best, it could be the more probably such class device to be able to allow the locked d3 to connect at least... but NO luck... :-(

    As reference to help other around here... the device was:
    SMARTPHONE Sim Unlock Card and could check info for ebay item Item number: 270690911540.

    I bought this, since after a long research, seems that in case of Droid 2+turbosim success, the key feature was that the sim must be the more recent possible (2011) and with Moto SidKick model losted, since this appears to be the key for success.

    Well, by now, the "turbosim" seems that is recognized since the phone after boot with my local network sim installed with turosim stick to it, dont asks for Unlock Network code, BUT also do not reognize my network and do not allow clas none any kind of connection except for dial 911/112 numbers.

    At this point I wonder if this is due that the phone is in Subsidy mode after the initial failed attempts to unlock with codes of internet sellers (4 diferent sellers, all have the same 2 codes, and also both fails...).

    So by now without be in USA and without be a Verizon Customer, seems that I really pissed...

    By now, I would like too share my bad result in order to save some money to another friend around here that may be wonder about try this turbosim option...

    As a last hope, I by now wonder if I may be somewhat better luck, if I try to flash the XT883 rom, so I wonder and ask if may be some help/ inof about:

    1) Flashing the XT883, may be possible that reset the SUDSIDY mode status, so, may be possible to the turbosim to recognize my local networks and allow calls?connections?...

    2) May be posible that the radio part of the XT883 flash could help with the point 1 or with try again the unlock codes?

    3) Is the chinese Xt883 rom still in study/hacking process for some kind developer(s) around her that may have a help with the hard locked D3?

    4) May be possible that flashing some kind of rom from motorola, may be possible that the unlock could be made with the codes available (that seems that are the Moto original ones, but that after a phone is activated in Verizon network, ?they could be changed by verizon system OTA)...

    Thanks for any help and best regards!
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