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    I'm sure a lot of you already know this but i believe there is also many many more that do not, so for those that do not theres something called the Four-Corner-Touch, that actually allows you to skip the "Touch android to begin" area of working with your phone. This means if you SBF and then are planning to just install another ROM right over that and need to just install Clockwork or root your device first, its simple to skip the activation screen. Everything done on that screen can manually be done if it needs to, for example:
    Activation, the first step, for Verizon this can be done by calling *228 and pressing 1
    Adding accounts, just go to Settings>Accounts and add your account
    The backup manager should be in your phone and can be opened from there and used

    Just thought this would be helpful for some people, i have seen so many tutorials where we are just told to click something along the lines of next > skip > skip > next >skip > finish when you could instead just do a Four-Corner-Touch

    Here's the procedure:
    Starting in the Top left corner of the screen just below the Status Bar touch the corner of the black area above the green android, then move clock wards from there doing the same for each corner. Keep in mind you are not actually touching the corner of the screen but more so the corner of the activation window which is everything that has the black background.

    Hope this helped someone.
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