Cydia Apps On Non Jailbroken Devices via iPAWiND

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    I know this is a bit off topic, but I have a feeling that at least a hand full of you Android enthusiast claim no IOS allegiance. Your household more than likely enjoy Iphones and Ipads as well as the latest and greatest Galaxy, Nexus, or One. If you frequent DroidForums you are more than likely one who jailbreaks those I devices as well. The latest batch of Apple mobile devices will be here before you know it. With new Apple products you may have to wait a while for an untethered jailbreak to come out. There is a way to install Cydia apps on your Idevice without Jailbreak however.

    iPAWiND is a powerful codesign utility. The utility can be installed to your idevice with one simple click no jailbreaking required. They offer a quick and easy way to download the apps you won't find in Apple's app store including Cydia apps. The only real drawback here is that it does require a yearly subscription of $15, but if getting those jailbreak apps without jailbreaking your device is important to you this may be well worth the cost.

    Via iPAWiND
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