CyanogenMod 13 Available For The Galaxy S3!

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    Harnessing the power of the custom rom means you will be able to run the latest and greatest version of Android on your smartphone for years to come! While Roms have seen their pinnacle and recent decline in popularity I hope their is a facet of users that keep them going. With Roms you can update devices that have been end of lifed by their manufacturer for years.

    The Galaxy S3 was end of lifed years ago. The last update that Samsung released for the Galaxy S3 was an update to Kit Kat. You can actually run Marshmallow on the S3 with the newly released CyanogenMod 13. You should know that this rom is brand new and is still in beta. Working elements include touchscreen, wifi, rotation, usb otg, camera, sound, screenshots, and bluetooth. Non working elements include screen colors, RIL, and sdcard (bootloops if sdcard is present). Head to the link below for the download.

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