Cyanogen Mod Unifies Carrier Builds For Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 3!

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    Most rom developers will focus on a specific carrier for their builds considering that different phones run totally different stock builds based on what the carrier wants the OEM to include in the build for the rom to run on their network properly. Some developers are ambitious enough to build their rom for several carriers, but this means that they must build a different rom for each carrier they wish to support. It can easily turn into a confusing mess. Cyanogen Mod has decided to unify several builds for most carrier versions of the Galaxy S3, S4, and Note 3 in efforts to eliminate this problem. Now you will be able to download and flash the same "d2lte" build for AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, and Metro PCS builds of the S3! The S4 variants will be listed under "jflte", and Note 3 variants will be under "hlte". For now there is one nightly build for these devices that have been unified. The Moto X and the Note 2 will be the next devices to be unified.

    Via CyanogenMod Blog
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