Cyanogen Mod Inc Needs You To Beta Test CM Installer

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    The future of Cyanogen Mod and Roms as we know it is nearly here. Cyanogen Mod Inc is building an Installer that would make the daunting task of installing Cyanogen Mod onto your device incredibly easy and accessible for everyone. No longer would you need to go through the steps of unlocking your bootloader, rooting your phone, installing custom recovery, and flashing the rom. The installer would automate everything for you giving the maximum number of Android users the ability to experience Cyanogen Mod on their phones.

    Before releasing their new CM Installer they need to test it thoroughly and squash any bugs that may exist. This is where you come in. If you meet a few requirements you may be able to beta test the CM Installer. You need to be able to video yourself using the CM Installer Cyanogen Mod needs to know how user friendly their product is, this will be best achieved by watching average joes and android pros alike installing cm via the CM Installer. Not every device is supported and you will need to be rocking a supported device to beta test. You need to be able to submit bug reports and voice your feedback. Check out the source link for more info.

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