cyanogen mod 6.1.2 message auto deleting

Discussion in 'Cyanogenmod' started by kev2316, May 18, 2011.

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    all my messages are autodeleting i almost wanna say there is a pattern to it but im not sure, after a while it will delete all messages and start fresh except for in bound or unread from what i can tell i cant be sure cause it does it at random. Has anyone else experienced this? is there a setting i can use to stop this? or is it just a bug, cause its really annoying, i hopped off all gingerbread roms because they don't receive all messages and have a huge flaw with the droid 1 at least where i was constantly missing messages alot of you probably don't even realize it.

    this roms really solid seemes to have fixed that issue going back to froyo but if someone could tell me why thats happening itd be much appreciated.