Cutting the cord (no cable tv)...which programs would you need?

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    I was thinking what all programs you would need if you wanted to officially cut the cord from cable TV. Trying to add up the cost of all the needed programs vs. the cost of cable. I have AT&T U-Verse and have no complaints. I am not ready to cut the cord but would like to start researching it. My daughter is hooked on Disney Junior so we won't change any time soon. I have three televisions in the house that will need to have this, all HD compatible. If I had to choose now for the device I would go with the Vizio Co-Star or the Roku 3. But this is not a Google TV vs. Roku discussion. The initial list of apps/programs is based on them being available for the streaming device.

    Items needed:
    1. Over the air HD antenna and way to split the signal for each TV.
    2. Streaming device (quantity of 3)

    1. Pandora
    2. Spotify
    3. Amazon Prime
    4. Netflix
    5. Hulu+
    6. Plex server

    What other channels/apps/programs would you need to eliminate cable TV?

    I personally watch a lot of sports (NFL and Golf) and am hooked on the History and Science Channel. We DVR a ton of shows currently, which most if not all would be available through one of the above Apps.

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    Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, a few others. I actually think most of my favorite networks have mobile apps, but they're free with your subscription. Guess I could go the Hulu route and survive.
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