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Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by DHood, Jan 11, 2010.

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    I got a Droid and I've had it long enough to get used to how it works, downloaded some apps, put some widgets, messed with most settings, etc...

    So now I want to know, what are some of your favorite apps (free/paid, please say), widgets?

    Currently I have my main (middle screen, still have the 3 screen system, I did install home++ but didn't really mess too much with it yet) with the top being the music player widget, on the left I have a picture frame, on the right I have the data counter widget and the weather widget stacked to be the same height has the picture and then below I have 4 apps (phone, chompSMS, Browser, Facebook).
    My left screen is all my games (Jewels, ThrottleCopter, Chess, Checkers, Cribbage, Iconic Memory, Pinball, Solitaire, TexasHoldEm, Sudoku).
    My right screen is my web stuff (facebook widget, browser app, facebook app, email, gmail).

    Is there a toolbar widget where I can have a bar at the bottom like in home++ but instead of some buttons like it has, have some icons of apps currently running?

    What are some of your favorite free apps, and if you could recommend 1-5 paid apps what would you recommend?

    Just some questions I had, trying to get the most out of my phone and have it set up a cool way. So far I love this phone, I just can't seem to keep myself content with my setup for more than a day, I've re-arranged all my icons and widgets like 12x in the last 3 days.
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