Custom ROMs vs Launchers (Themes and such)

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2' started by TheSwaggeR, Jan 15, 2011.

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    I figured this thread could be used for people who are using or plan to use different Launchers while on custom ROMs and can look at issues, compatibilities, FCs, and other similar stuff.

    Right now, I haven't done a whole lot of changes on the new Liberty ROM because I'm sort of stuck in the most appealing appearance phase for the moment while still reading up on kernels and overclocking.

    So far I've tested ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro and Go Launcher. Here's my short review so far:

    (Keep in mind, this is while I'm rooted and have Liberty ROM)

    ADW Launcher:

    -FCs on Icon edits/remove
    -Does not keep configurated settings (like where you moved your icons, icon appearance)
    -FCed on going into ADW settings once
    -ADW theme disappears when turning the screen off and then back on

    Launcher Pro:

    -FCed on initializing as default Home twice, immediate uninstall

    Go Launcher:

    -Have not experienced one problem. No FCing. Does everything it has to offer.
    -Side note... doesn't offer as much as ADW and Launcher does but it gets the job done with neatness rather than applying themes and such. I'd keep my eyes on the future developments on this app since I'm sure they will include more options in the future updates.

    Anybody else have anything to include in this or add other known Launchers?
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    I use Fission and haven't ever had a problem with LauncherPro.
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