Custom Recoveries On The Verizon Galaxy S4

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    The Galaxy S4 on Verizon still has a locked down bootloader, however that should not keep us from modding this device all we want thanks to the LOKI Hack method created by Dan Rosenberg. Loki has already been incorporated into CWMR and TWRP. You will need to be rooted before installing either of the recoveries. You can find the root method here. Once rooted the easiest way to get a custom recovery is to grab goo manager and install the open recovery script from there. You will end up with TWRP if you go with that option.

    Clock Work Mod Recovery is also now available for the Galaxy S4 on Verizon! You can grab that here. In order to install this you will need to already have a recovery installed. To get this flashed chances are you will need to install TWRP from goo manager first then you will be able to install CWM from within TWRP. Once installed you are ready to flash mods and roms!

    How many of you are interested in installing roms on this device?
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