Custom Boot Animation and Sound: Thunderstruck

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    So after figuring out some things with the the Boot Animation, I decided to make my own custom boot animation with sound. I give to you my first release, AC/DC's Thunderstruck!

    To install:

    1. Download Zip file attachment
    2. UnZip the files to your PC
    3. Copy both files (FinalThunder.mp3 and the to your SD Card on your phone.
    4. Using Root Explorer (or your file explorer of choice), copy both files to the /system/customize/resource folder on your phone.

    Just a couple of notes: I have only tested this with my phone, I have the Lightning ROM 3.2 installed. I cannot guarantee that it will work with other ROMs, nor am I sure that the file locations on different ROMs are the same. Also, the file names may be different on different ROMs.

    One thing that the Lightning ROM Dev (dhemke17) and I found was that his ROM will play the boot sound at a volume of your choice. To set the volume, simply set your ringtone volume before you reboot and it will follow that volume level. (Vibrate and silent will not play the boot sound.) The volume rocker doesn't function during the boot process however.

    Any questions or problems, let me know below and I will do my best to help you out. Many thanks to kazuma for helping me with my desc.txt file and of course dhemke17 for having a great ROM and responding to my inquiries.
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