currently rubix focused 2.0 - everything sucks

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    Hello friends who are smarter than me,

    Back in March I had had enough of my sluggish, hot to the touch, battery sucking dx and rooted and installed Rubix Focused 2.0

    It was amazingly fast, awesome with battery life, and it didnt suck. I loved it.

    Over the past few months I have had my camera crash nearly every time I pull it out of my pocket and the only way to get it to work is to reboot and then share each picture as if im going to email it, to my gmail drafts
    even then, i am only getting two to three pictures before i have to reboot

    i am also noticing that it wont save pictures at all for long periods of time when i assume it's working properly

    i recently got help on here and figured out that corrupted image file was screwing everything up
    so now when something happens, i look for a corrupted image

    this happens time and time again with the stock blur camera that i prefer over the rubix camera

    but now the corrupted images are happening more and more frequently, the camera crashes 9 out of 10 times and just deleting these images isnt helping

    more often then not, my dx says it cannot find my SD card even though i can use astro and access everything in it

    BASICALLY, i want out
    all of my friends who have gingerbread love it
    i just want my phone and camera to work the way it should

    is this quoted post below from newskate9 an option for me?
    if not, what do you suggest to get me back to workable shape where i can just have the phone WORK?