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Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by tylorjefcoat, May 20, 2011.

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    Ok, im am trying to re-compile a SMG file that i have unpacked with unyaffs.

    this is what i am trying to do before everyone starts shouting that you can just use a

    Where i work we are about to start reselling Verizon Wireless under a different name, we buy our phones from Verizon.

    i am trying to "de-Verizon" the phone and put some of our own customizations on it ie: Carrier text, boot screen ect...

    any way, i need to do this in the least intrusive way so that i can show the AE's how to do it before giving to customer, or can be done by some one else.

    The RSD-lite method looks the best, i have already successfully changed the moto logo and go that working, but now i am trying to edit the Carrier Text "eri.xml" in the stock load WITH OUT rooting.

    Once i unyaffs the file i can do what i need to do but what steps do i need to take to compile it back into a smg file?

    does anyone have a better suggestions for what i am trying to do?

    Thanks, this forum has been a GREAT help
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