Creating Code group backups of a Droid/Droid 2/ Droid X.

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by KaosMaster, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I found a kewl little program on the web called MMBackup 0.0.1

    I attempted to run the software on my Windows 7 x64 platform, It will run the program but when it attempts to read the Code Groups, it disconnects the USB connection to the phone.

    I am wondering if anyone with a native windows XP 32 bit edition can try out the software and tell me if it works for them??? Also maybe a Programmer who can rewrite the software to fix the RAMDLR section to work with the new phones???

    This is a GREAT technology....and alot of people are looking to use this method. I was unable to find the original coder so....i think he went poof! ;(