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    Crazy Love Birds - Super Fun, Addictive & Challenging Strategy Game for Android Devices.

    Who Said That All Birds Have to be So Darn Angry to be Fun?

    Welcome Crazy Love Birds the story of one birds journey to get to his one true love and the Crazy Challenge it is to get to her.

    What some people or in this case what some birds will do to get to the one they love…

    This is a strategy puzzle game designed to test your abilities to help the Crazy Love Bird get to the nest where his one true love waits for him to come and save her.

    Do you have what it takes?

    Can you prevent this Bird from becoming a miserable, lonely Angry Bird? lol

    Here is your chance to play cupid… Are you up to the challenge?

    Prove it!!!

    Crazy Love Birds is packed with 25 unique and challenging puzzle levels. ( More Coming Soon ) to entertain you for Hours.

    To play you aim the Crazy Love Bird, by simply touching your finger any where on the screen and then move finger in direction of up/left/right. You will see a dotted aim preview arrow. Once you have adjusted your aim, release the finger to make Santa jump. Crazy Love Birds: Appstore for Android

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