Crappy quadrant scores especially in IO- ideas of the cause?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by angelman, Apr 15, 2013.

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    My phone has been running pretty poorly recently. Same old Android story. whether it's stock or a custom ROM. Everything starts out great then slowly phone gets slower and slower. I tried various ROMS, apps like lagfix (which definitely helps a bit) but still it just gets laggier and laggier. A fresh factory reset, new rom and new app installs clears things up for a while.
    Curious I ran quadrant and compared to my wife's stock Razr. My phone is running quite a bit slower than hers. Not only that quadrant shows that whilst CPU and Memory are matching up with the Quadrant standard for a Nexus, IO is very poor indeed (maybe 4x slower), 2d scores are probably 50% of stock.
    Any thoughts on this? I have 16GB left on the memory card. Of course it is not a totally fair comparison as my phone has a bunch of apps and things but I thought maybe the IO slowness might point to a particular culprit.
    When I first installed the ROM (and my apps) the camera for example was super fast.
    I am running mmuzzy 4.2 JOP40C kernel 3.031 baseband I515.09 V.FC04
    I think there are newer ROMS out there but I doubt they would make a significant difference in this case.
    ANy thoughts?
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    Are you using any apps that use update intervals or use alot of background resources?
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