Corporate Sync email and MMS solution on Droid 2 Global for CMCC user

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    I am using a Droid 2 Global - A956. When I got my new cell, the dealer had formatted with Chinese version ROM, it's done pretty well. And my Corporate Sync exchange email worked well. However, after the day I changed my corporate email account password, the email in my Droid 2 Global did not work anymore.

    I've tried to uninstall several suspected harmful application, but still not work. So I ROM my phone with 2.4.330.A956.En and reset to Factory Settings after ROM finished.

    As expected, the Corporate Sync exchange email issued fixed, but another problem was found... the APN only worked for Browser but not worked for MMS. Here is the solution I'd like to share with CMCC users for the APN set-up for both Browser and MMS:

    New APN (the 1st):
    Name: cmnet (whatever it is, just give one)
    APN: cmnet
    Other settings: remain as it is
    Save it.

    New APN (the 2nd):
    Name: cmwap (whatever it is, just give one)
    APN: cmwap
    Port: 80
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 80
    Other setting: remain as it is
    Save it.

    Then back to the APNs main screen, select cmnet, wait till Edge symbol comes up.

    Try your Brower, if it works, then back to the APNs main screen, select cmwap, wait till Edge symbol comes up.

    After that, try to send a MMS, if suceess, then back to select cmnet, then you can receive and send the MMS while have Browser, Corporate Sync exchange email, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, with the last setting.

    Good luck!
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