Corporate Password lock screen got you down?

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    Corporate Password/PIN lock screen got you down? Try this fix to disable.

    Well here's what worked for me:
    I followed the instructions posted here to turn on the hiddenmenu and enable the secret tuning codes.

    Then I activated the Shutdown mode that disables the puzzle lock screen and allows you to turn your phone on and off simply by pressing the power button.
    This enables you to shut your phone off by long-pressing the power/lock key.
    No more pop-up confirmation.
    I have tested this and it works successfully.
    I've also discovered by doing this, it will disable the puzzle/glass unlock screen.
    Personally, having to push a button and slide the screen is redundant.
    I like the one-step process."

    By doing this, i'm also no longer prompted to enter a 4 digit pin which was pushed to my device by our IT department. In an emergency, or urgent situation, nothing is worse than having to enter a 4 digit pin just to get to your phone interface. It's also a pain because the QWERTY keyboard pops up, and then you have to either long press to get numbers, or switch it to number pad....either way, entering a 4 digit pin turns into waaaay more than just pressing 4 digits...
    Hope this helps someone.
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