Cordcutters: AirTV Player

Discussion in 'Android News' started by pc747, Jan 3, 2017.

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    For $130 (box plus adapter) that is not a bad price. With more and more people looking to ditch cable, this is an awesome alternative. I will definitely be interested in this.

    It looks like Dish has found a way to solve the complaint customers had about local TV. This bundled with Sling is allowing Dish to play both sides of the aisle (satellite package subscribers with Dish Network and the cord cutter with Sling) and they are continuing to expand their options for Sling.

    My only concern is that Dish may be playing a bate and switch as I am seeing them lean into offering packages vs offering channels, which is what the cable industry has already been doing. The point of many of us cutting the cord was because we were tired of having to add packages and watching our bill skyrocket in order to watch a particular channel.