Cord cutter news: YT making a cable streaming service

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by pc747, May 8, 2016.

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    Say what you will about Sling TV, but it proved that people are willing to pay for a service that do not force people into signing up for useless programs and racking up a monthly bill of nearly $100. There have been rumors of several companies looking to create their own streaming cable service including companies like Hulu.
    With us being a Google centric forum you know we are going to talk about the fact that YouTube may be looking to throw their hat in the ring. Out of all the companies rumored, I am most excited about YT. With the backing of Google, who have experience with Fiber, already building it's streaming service into a brand that has turned the average Joe into stars, having a cable service could strengthen their portfolio to being able to overtake cable and DirecTV. Especially if it works with their Chromecast, a device that even the least technically minded person finds easy to use.

    What do you feel the potential of a YT based cable service could do for the cable-opoly.

    YouTube is reportedly building a streaming cable service called Unplugged

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