Coolies/Wackiest thing you have done with your Droid

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    First of all, I tried to search for a thread like this, but didn't find anything that was centralized like I hope this will be. If this is a duplicate, go ahead and delete it mods. Also, if any mods believe this is in the wrong section, please move it to the proper one.

    So the title says it all. What is the coolest/wackiest thing you have done with your Droid device? Anybody rig up some wifi control to turn their microwave on and off? Someone have it setup to control their entire HT setup? I know the device (and by that I mean the motorola Droid, but I guess this thread could apply to all Droid devices) hasn't been out that long, but I am sure you all have some interesting stuff setup.

    Hopefully this tread can be some sort of resource for "OMG that is the coolest thing ever, how do I do that" stuff.

    I haven't done anything crazy with my Droid, but am always interested to hear what others have done so I can jump on those trains. Have at it.

    EDIT: Wow, spelling fail on the title. It is supposed to say "Coolest/Wackiest" not "Coolies". Sorry about that.
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