Cool Apps for our cells and "how to" steps

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    Here are a few links I found to provide aps. To install, save them on your hard drive, then unmount your memory card from your phone. With a micro-sd adapter connect it to your pc/laptop and save the file in your download folder.

    Once you have all the apps you want, remount the memory card onto your cell. You can either use your settings and select applications, or, go to market place and download "astro file manager" (free app). Use either of these options to locate your download folder and tell it to install each app individually.

    NOTE: it is important to "unmount your card" (settings option in phone) from your phone and "safely remove hardware and eject media" (from your pc's task bar notification) when removing the memory card. You may wind up accidentally deleting files from your memory card if you don't.

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