Converting from Palm ? This may help...

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    I have been an old Palm user for numerous generations since the Palm Pilot.
    When I decided to move off my Palm Treo 755P I looked more for a Palm replacement app than
    any particular phone or carrier.

    After months of looking, testing, and looking some more, I found B-Folders.
    It is very easy to move your Contacts and Memos over from Palm.
    But, (you knew there had to be a but), it has no Palm-like Calendar (yet).

    If you are like me and do not trust syncing over "the cloud" you can sync over USB (secure).

    It has a PC desktop like Palm and of course sync's with your Droid.

    I highly recommend this product.


    Please send comments if you try it.
    There are a lot of us old Palm users in search a similar product.

    I hope you old Palm lovers find this helpful.
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