Continuous Rebooting

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    Continuous Rebooting - SOLVED

    This morning I woke up and my phone was in continuous reboot. It would start, get to the lock screen and before I could unlock it, it would reboot. If I were able to unlock the device it would still reboot within seconds after that.

    I tried removing the battery, thinking it might be the problem. Put it back together and still rebooting. I changed batteries since I have the extended and put the original back in thinking maybe it is a battery problem. The rebooting continued.

    I searched the internet and found the following over at, sorry

    Here is the fixt that I found.

    1. Power off phone.
    2. Remove battery cover and battery.
    3. REMOVE and leave the 4G LTE SIM card out.
    4. Leave the cover off. <-- This is key
    5. Power up phone. (You will get a error that there is not SIM card, ignore it)
    6. When it starts go to the dialer and type:


    I had to press the back button to get the menu button to show me settings.

    7. Then click on Settings. Then Wireless & Networks . Then Mobile Networks.
    8. Set it to Network mode: LTE/CDMA. Shutdown the phone and return the SIM card and back cover.
    9. Restart phone now with cover and 4G card in.

    This worked for me and the phone has worked all day. We will see what happens in the morning.

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    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I had tried something similar to this a while ago, but whoever posted it transposed his # and * s...this combo actually sent me to a seperate phone testing and settings menu, where i did my resetting...and so far so good! hope it holds...and thanks again and good luck! Scott
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