Contact sync issues with Yahoo Mail

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    I maintain all my contacts (email, email plus phone, phone only, etc.) in Yahoo Mail Contacts. My Google account has had all contacts deleted. Under Manage Accounts, the Google account has all sync options un-checked, and Yahoo is checked. DroidX app Yahoo Mail ver 1.3.4.

    Problem 1: My phone contacts periodically get significantly reduced to a small number (I don't know where this reduced list comes from), and the only way I can bring them back is by "removing" the Yahoo Mail account, and then re-adding it. Simply un-checking and rechecking the Sync option puts it through the spinning arrows sync process, but nothing gets changed. I have tried the various sync options of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc. but no changes. How do I make this work right?

    Problem 2: Stranger still is that when I have what I think is the complete list on my phone, there are number of items Yahoo has that phone does not, and vice versa. So I don't know where the list is being loaded from when I Remove / Add Account. Verizon mobile backup is not functional on the phone - it says it backs up but does not. This is a known problem with it on DroidX. I can not find any contacts file on my smartcard.

    Problem 3: Is really a question. What should I expect if sync is properly working? Any changes or additions made to either phone or Yahoo Mail gets sync'd in the other direction, except deletes should not be sync'd (to be safe, do these on each side)? Is there a concept of master / slave here?

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