Contact Pads, Speaker Covers and Mobos, Oh my!

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    Phone: Motorola Droid A855
    Insurance: Nope
    Carrier: Verizon
    Length Owned: ~1 year 1 month
    New/CPO: New
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    Gist of it:
    1. Is the contact pad for the power button solder on or stick on?
    2. Can I buy a separate mesh for the call speaker (top speaker near power)?
    3. Has anyone tried to install a different motherboard into the tiny package of the Droid A855/Milestone A854?

    So I was doing some good ole Military Training last month, when I dropped my phone face-down on to the gravel inside our non-air-conditioned tent. Needless to say, the screen cracked. I was upset, but then the next day I let someone borrow it - unusual for me to do, but it was already broke. They handed it back and it had more cracks and chips in it. They had told me it just happened when they were using the phone normally. Sure, I'll accept that, for the time being and sanity's sake.

    I ordered a new screen online during this training so I could fix it when I got home (was horrible because the touchscreen kept hitting crap that I wasn't even near). I got home about a week later and started taking the phone apart. I didn't look at the buttons; I mean, come on, they're just buttons.

    I assembled the phone, looked at the screen and noticed that the speaker could be seen. There was no mesh. Darn it. I tried to turn the phone on, no dice. I plugged it into my computer and it turns on. I hit the power button again, nothing. I take apart the phone. I notice that a contact pad is missing where the power button lays. I searched online and found one for 13 USD. Expensive huh?
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