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    Hey all!

    First post, and though I have searched a bit on the topic, I can't seem to find anything specific to what I am looking for. So if you know the answer, or have a link to someone else's answer, I will give you many thanks, and praise, and preach your name to all my followers: DancingNexus dancedroid :icon_ banana: :blink:

    I am a truck driver that runs to around 150 big box stores in 4 states. I had the contact list in my BB Tour set up for those stores very specific, and didn't want them getting garbled up using verizons backup to send them to my new Razr Maxx. So I exported my list to an excel file, then exported a gmail and edited my contact list so the values matched up with the gmail one. Finally importing my list into gmail, and it worked perfectly!

    I just downloaded Tango, and realized that my list must not be stored anywhere on my phone and is only sync'ed in from gmail, because Tango had nobody listed as a contact for me to call. I like my gmail backup, but would love to have my list saved to the phone as well.

    Question 1: Can this be fixed? I remember seeing an option about contacts and where to save them. Would that be how I fix it?

    Now my second problem is that I kinda like how it brought all my Facebook contacts in as well. In particular I love how it auto (or manually) joins a contacts info when it finds matches: adding photos, emails, and bdays. This is really cool as it adds a lot more info than the standard name and cell number I normally enter myself for people. But once again, this is only seen on my phone's list.

    Question 2: Is there any way to merge info that is synced from facebook with my gmail contacts, and save the fully merged info back to my gmail contact list? (or, in the case of my first ?, to my phone) That way all that extra info is saved.

    Thanks a lot for any help you guys can give me!
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