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    So like everyone else ICS is causing more problems then I think it's worth. I've managed to work around most of the problems, but i can't seem to get my contacts right. I'm sure this has been touched on elsewhere as well, but I can't find it and spending my night digging through old posts isn't my idea of fun, so please forgive my ignorance and laziness in asking again.

    1. Pictures. Gone. My gmail contact pictures show up, but even for contacts who have linked facebook profiles, there is no picture. I'm a visual guy so not having that picture is making it hard to find a contact in a list.

    2. Contacts (or People as they call it now) are now in my list that don't have phones. I'm ok with phones from manual input or if they are generally listed on your facebook profile. But I'm getting random contacts with just a link to a fb profile and an email. Don't need those clogging up my contacts. I've played around with every option for facebook sync but can't get this to change. In GB they had that nice option to only "display contacts with phones" where is that option gone?

    Thanks y'all!
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