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    HELP!!!! I am having big issues with the contacts on my Droid 4. I got a new Droid 4 last week and had repeated problems with it, so they sent me a new one. I had previously backed up contacts both with backup assistant (which now cannot communicate with the server when attempting to sync both mine and my husband's Droid 4s) and google. I added FB and other accounts to the new phone out of the box, and just transferred the SIM card. If I tell it to show my FB contacts in my phone contacts... it shows most. But my children and a few other key contacts won't show up at all. Their FB contacts won't show up (like they don't exist in my contacts at all), their contacts I previously input and synced from the defective phone won't show up, and yes... I had joined input contacts with FB info previously. Now BOTH are gone, but only with some contacts. There are a few that show my input contact but when I try to re-join it with the FB contact, they don't show in my FB contacts anymore. I have removed the FB accounts and re-added them, and I have checked and unchecked everything in every combination in display options I know how to. Nothing retrieves them. I want to join as many of my contacts with FB as possible... but now even some of my kids' FB conatcts have disappeared from my phone. HELP!!!! Also.... any input about the backup assistant not being able to communicate with the server? not over data or wifi settings... and not my husband's phone or mine... but mine worked find on the last, now defective, phone). HELP!!

    also... while I am do I stop texts that I might send to multiple people from turning into MMS texts, and how do I disable everyone I'm sending it to from seeing everyone else it's being sent to?

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