Constant Rebooting After Custom Rom Install

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    I recently have been trying to install a custom MOD on my Droid. I have rooted it successfully and it will start up fine. However, as soon as I install a custom mod (I've tried Ultimate Droid 1.0.0 and CyanogenMod 6) the phone loads the Motorola logo, then loads the custom ROM's logo and then it just keeps loading the ROM's logo over and over again. It's almost like it wants to start the OS but then reboots and keeps rebooting. I can get back into the "editor" (Holding x) and revert back to the original OS, so I can still use my phone. Please Help me find a solution.


    UPDATE: I got it working, it was a stupid simple mistake on my part. I forgot to wipe data before I installed the ROM.
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