Considering Installing LibertyROM (again) but want to confirm process

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by busterbluth, Apr 11, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    First off: I apologize as I'm sure that this is already covered in several places but I am having trouble sifting through everything on here (getting a bit of information overload).

    Anyway, a couple months ago, I attempted to install Liberty and got it working for a bit but bricked my phone when I tried to revert back to stock. My DX is running the current official DX ROM (rooted & bootstrapped). I am pretty sick of several of the bugs with this firmware and would like to get back to Liberty, but don't want to risk messing everything up if Liberty doesn't work out for me.

    Last time, I used clockwork recovery to make a backup, reset the phone to factory and then installed Liberty. After doing that, I tried to restore my original backup - and that is when I bricked the phone into a bootloop. I think the problem was that I did not restore the phone to factory first?

    So my question is about how I get back to stock after installing liberty. Is it as simple as using clockwork recovery to restore to factory and THEN restore my backup I made of of the stock ROM with all my apps/settings. Or, do I need to flash back to the stock ROM somehow before I can do that?

    Or, should I not use backups in Clockwork at all, restore to factory and just set up my apps all manually?

    Also, I saw there is a donate version at Liberty ROM - v. 2.0. I would be happy to donate $5. It says this will install the ROM. Does that mean I can simply purchase this and run some automated process that covers all of this in a 1-click method or do I still have to Install Liberty the same way (bootstrap, factory reset, install ROM), etc.

    If it does automate this, does it also automate restoring to the official DX ROM in the event I want to switch back? Thanks in advance. If anyone has any other good tips for me (or if there is a good reference that explains this all clearly, please direct me accordingly. I really want to make sure I don't brick my phone again.