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    Ok so I rooted my droid about a week ago with easyroot and it worked perfectly. i was enjoying wifi tethering and overclocking and such. Then i got curious about flashing roms. This is where I went wrong. Being a noob, I downloaded rom manager and i guess i downloaded a rom from rom manager and tried to flash it. after i did this, when my phone rebooted, it only shows the 'm' logo unless i hold down x or up on the dpad. i can still access the android system recovery menu. i have tried to download a few things to the sd card to apply the update. it says finding, opening, verifying, but then it says 'failed to verify whole file signature' and 'signature verification failed' and then 'installation aborted'. i am sorry for the terribly vague description of what i have done to my phone but if there is any hope for me getting this thing to work again, please please help. also, i did the OTA update to 2.2 prior to doing any of this.
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    Unfortunately I have seen nothing but troubles from easy root. I am not sure what recovery easy root puts on your phone but........

    If you are going to use ROM Manager there are a few things you should know. RM can be very finicky. To get the full experience out of RM and have little headaches, you need both the free version and the premium (paid) version. They work hand in hand with each other and open you up for a variety of ROMs and Themes. Once you have RM installed you need to flash ClockworkMod Recovery. That is the very top option when you first open RM. Once you have CWM installed you should be able to install any rom or theme either through RM or by placing it on your sd card and installing it. The nice thing about CWM is that you do not have to change the name of any files you want to install. Just place it on the root of your sd card, boot into recovery (either by holding the x key and pressing the power key or by booting into recovery from RM).

    So to fix what I think is the problem on your phone, go into RM and flash ClockworkMod Recovery, then go to the market and get the premium version of RM as well. Then you should be able to install the roms you were trying to do in the first place.