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    I go to a fair number of concerts. With my Droid X, it had a video setting for concerts. With my new Rezound, there are no audio settings on the video player at all. Is there anything out there or is there anyway that I can record concert footage that is audibly clear. The video footage is great as it's in HD. However, the audio component is terrible. I sent an email to HTC asking for help yesterday. We shall see what they say.

    Any help at all is appreciated,

    Fredericksburg, Va

    PS - I'm trying to get this figured out before I see The Who in early November. It's too late for Foreigner, Motley Crue, KISS, ZZ Top, etc.
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    Hi Friends,

    Plugging into a venue's sound board is the best way to secure clear, solid audio from a rock concert. Always contact the venue beforehand, and make sure recording is allowed. It'll save the headache of being called out by security guards and possibly missing the concert. If using more professional equipment, ask for their permission to hook into the band's sound board. This may be harder to get, but it will result in better sound. One microphone should be enough, but to get full, clear sound and audience response, you will need several microphones, one recording the band and another few for the crowd.

    Best Regards,
    Derren Brown :)
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