Concept Galaxy S5 Launcher Theme!

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    Today was the big day that we have all been waiting for. Finally we got to see the Samsung Galaxy S5 in all of its glory. The Galaxy S5 looks to be mostly more of the same design wise. Basically the phone looks pretty much identical in the front as the Galaxy S4. It is slight larger, but otherwise it looks very much the same. The UI of the Galaxy S5 doesn't give us much of an update either. We still get the familiar Touchwiz UI. Some of the icons look a bit sharper, you will get all of the new KitKat icons, and it looks like Samsung will not change the style of Google's icons in any way keeping the stock Aosp Kit Kat styling! Most of you are probably already getting super excited for this device, but it won't even launch globally until April 11th, and if you are on Verizon you will more than likely wait even longer.

    If you would like an updated experience for your S4 I have the perfect launcher theme for you. This is a Concept Galaxy S5 theme by developer "Gaurav Mantri". This concept theme is nothing like what Samsung has announced for the legitimate Galaxy S5, but it will still offer you an updated and different user experience than what you have had with Touchwiz on the Galaxy S4! If you just can't wait for the Galaxy S5 for a fresh experience head to the link below to grab the Concept Galaxy S5 launcher theme.

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