Computer Games for 67 year old man

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    Maybe people here can suggest something.

    This is for my dad.

    He has Verizon internet, but playing games on the internet would take too much of his limited service, so I'm looking for some games that could be loaded onto his computer and played offline.

    He went to Best Buy and found a few. Only 2 worked. I tried to load the others (and I'm fairly computer literate) but they wouldn't load at all. Well they loaded but wouldn't play, gave some error message. They've been nice to return or try new ones, but he's given up.

    Here's a little more information to help with your suggestions.

    My dad got my brother's older computer. It has windows 7, but is older as it has a 3 1/2 floppy drive (but 2 disc drives). My brother updated it as needed (but wanted a more powerful computer). That's about all I can recall about the computer information (I didn't really look into it).

    He's a beginner at computers. Very beginner. Never had one. Used one a little at a job he had, but not much. He's taking classes at a senior center and playing a little bit at home.

    He likes card games (I taught him solitaire that's on his computer). He has 2 different type of slots game on his computer. He likes those.

    So do you know of any that might work? Any brands you trust that you've had luck with? He wanted a casino/card game one, and if you can suggest one, that would be nice, but others he might like too.

    I'd like to buy him one or suggest one because he's retired and he seems like this and has helped him a little bit. I think it will also help his brain too (he had a stroke several years ago and has recovered mostly but I think this will help).

    I won't be able to check anything out on the computer until Saturday when I see him, so any questions you have about the computer is fine, but answers will have to wait.

    Thank you.
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