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Discussion in 'LG Spectrum' started by ARorlando, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Yesterday, I dropped my Spectrum on the ground and it landed in a 1-inch deep puddle. It landed face down and fully submersed in water, and in 3 pieces (phone, battery, and case). {Yes, I freaked out.} I was able to grab it in about one second. I put it in a towel and did my best to dry it. I took out the SIM card, and dried that, too. Once dry, I put the battery back in and it started up.

    I was excited to see that it started up, but disappointed that I was getting no signal and the SIM card was damaged.

    Crossing my fingers, I opened it up, and realized that I had put the SIM card in backwards. The phone is working and I have not had any trouble with it all. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster within a 10-minute period.

    I was very lucky, as I still have an Unlimited Data Plan and didn't want to have to pay full price for a replacement phone. Even though I gripe about how slow this phone is (and I'm still not sure why) it now owes me nothing.
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