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    Not sure if this thread needs to be removed but I had a few dev. questions.

    Currently looking at creating ROM's from AOSP and Verizon 2.3.2 sbf.

    I've done a ton of research lately and I'm running out of resources.

    I know HTC has their "Rom kitchen", however, I know D2 does not have this nice of option. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.

    I have a base to start with. However, other than adding my own APK's and maybe modifying some XML, I was wondering how I could compile my own custom kernel or even possible a different Android version. I have the 2.3 SDK and I know there has GOT to be a way to compile this into a new ROM. However, I am stuck at trying to figure out what options I'd need under the emulator to test a build.

    It won't load currently.

    Ok, so I tried something simple.. changing the images in framework-res.apk.. however, i cannot get this folder to zip back up to APK. I have APK Tool, but no clue how to install it. I downloaded Eclipse Classic because I read some stuff about it being used. I also have been trying to use the apkbuilder in the SDK tools, however not sure how to use it and says it cant find the zip .

    Any help in custom rom creation is appreciated.
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