Come to VR world with the PIMAX 4K Headset

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    PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D PC Headset
    Competition advantages
    ♦ The Pimax 4k VR headset is a HMD which currently has the highest resolution out of all the main competitors (Vive , Oculus, OSVR), the resolution is a big jump so everything just feels better to do, games like Elite dangerous and it makes using this to watch movies a very good experience.

    ♦ The Pimax is a very light headsets.Very comfortable to use when wearing it.

    ♦ PIMAX supplied a high quality headphone include in the box.

    Competition weakness
    ♦ PIMAX is currently has no positional tracking, it's not going to support anything that requires Vive controllers or Oculus' pointer thing, but there are in terms of games, if it's on Steam and doesn't require Vive wands, it'll work with this right out of the box. That means the likes of Elite Dangerous, American / European Truck Simulator and DCS World.

    If you would like to find more details about it, please check it here, with this coupon its price could lower to $359 : LHPIMAX
    PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D PC Headset
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