Combo Phone/PC for Senior Citizen?

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    I have a older relative that currently has a first generation Samsung Chromebook on FreedmomPop for Internet access at phone that she pays about $18 per month for 5GB home Internet data on WiMAX plus she has a T-Mobile postpaid account for $50 for 1GB of highspeed data one her phone and unlimited throttled data.
    She goes through the 5GB of data on the Chromebook each month and then usually has at least a few days of no Internet on the Chromebook. She then gets by just using her Moto G for web and email the rest of the month.
    Lately, she has even used up the 1GB of phone data and is throttled for the rest of the month,
    She keeps using the phone data for email and web and gets buy OK using the throttled data connection since she is not doing any high bandwidth activity other than playing little Youtube videos emailed to her and watching videos that may play on news and weather sites she visits. She does not have Netflix and or any other streaming TV or movie service.
    Since she is paying about $68 per month combined for the 2 services offering a combined 6GB high speed data and WiMAX is going away jn November with no replacement plan yet offered by Freedompop, we are shopping for alternatives.

    I had the idea of having her switch to Cricket where she can get 10GB data included in the $60 phone plan. She might even go with the $40 or $50 plans and use mostly the throttled data since she is doing 90% web and email that works acceptably at 128k speeds.
    Tethering is not allowed on Cricket (and she wouldn't want the complexity of tethering anyway), but I had the idea that if she got the right phone, it could be hooked up to a TV or HDMI monitor, plus a keyboard and mouse and it could be used to surf the web at home like a little PC using the phone data on a big screen without needing any tethering. It should be able to do everything the Chromebook does except display desktop sites with Flash.
    The only hassle I see with this is getting a phone call while everything is wired up.

    What would be the easiest phone to do this with that will have a nice display on either a 1080p or 720p monitor?
    Wireless video and bluetooth keyboard and mouse is neat, but I think a wired dock would be better so she never has to troubleshoot pairing or recharge anything besides the phone.
    She will be able to understand plugging in a cables or dropping the phone in a dock better than wireless setup.

    Which unlocked phones can be purchased that can be easily taken to T-Mobile, AT&T and Cricket that will support wired keyboard, mouse and monitor and charge at the same time?
    It cannot be a $600+ flagship phone that is super complicated, but it needs to be new enough to support Lollipop so it will have a longer useful life before it needs to be replaced.
    Is there anything that can be just easily popped into a dock that connects everything and is easy to remove to make or accept phone calls?
    It would be nice if she could answer a call on speakerphone or a wired headset and keep using the browser at the same time.
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