ColorOS Camera Ported To The OnePlus One

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Feb 16, 2015.

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    The OnePlus One has an outstanding camera if you are speaking of hardware. It was the first phone to feature 4k video recording at a time when flagships were still only supporting 1080p. The only thing holding back this camera is the software. Of course the OnePlus One comes with CM11s which is CyanogenMod which has been specifically optimized for the OPO. Cyanogen's camera app is a bit lacking. It is pretty plain with virtually no features. This is not a bad thing for some who would consider cameras like the one from touchwiz to be a bit of overkill with all the extra features. If you like some extra features you may want to try the ColorOS camera which has been ported to the OnePlus One. ColorOS is the OEM software for the Oppo phones.

    Oppo actually helped to bring the OnePlus One brand to life. One of the features that came out on the Oppo Find 7 was a software feature for 50mp. There are several features included with the ColorOS camera including just overall better performance. Head to the link below to grab the ported camera which you can use with your OnePlus One!

    via XDA