Colorant Metalica case review for Galaxy S3

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    Hey guys,
    first of all, apologize for my photo skill.
    I never can get them right;(

    케이스사진 032.jpg
    I just changed my phone to GS3 from iPhone4
    Yes! I'm a big fan of Apple, but decided to switch to Samsung for bigger screen.
    (and iPhone5 is rumored to have only 4inch screen, so I havent hesitated a bit)

    Anyways, I know this case brand 'Patchworks', which I've used for my old iPhone4.
    One day, I was checking out their facebook page and found a perfect case for my new Galaxy S3.

    They named it 'Metalica'.
    I think this case is just perfect for me because I'm a big fan of Blue cars.
    (yes, it might sound strange but I always had that feeling towards blue sport cars)

    OK. this is how it comes.
    케이스사진 028.jpg
    simple PET packed just like one of those razor blade package.
    It's kinda tought to get it open, I hope patchworks makes some improvement on this.

    Well. this is simple snap case, and it fits perfectly.
    I believe you shouldnt worry about the fitment.
    Also, you see the inner part is RED! which is interesting and works fine for me.

    케이스사진 036.jpg 케이스사진 038.jpg 케이스사진 033.jpg

    This is chrome plated case, so if you are extra sensitive to finger-prints, you will be bothered.
    For me, I like its sporty look from chrome plating.

    Good for me!
    I think this is quite innovative case for such a car lover like myself!;)
    Once again, sorry for the poor pic quality,
    you should check out their facebook page for better pictures.

    PATCHWORKS | Facebook

    thank you!

    from Galaxy Maniac
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