Code Corrupt and phone fails to re-enumerate

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    I'm so sick of this I really am and this is my last attempt and trying to fix my Droid X.

    The very first time I tried to flash it with RSD Lite 4.8 it bricked my phone and now it's stuck on Code Corrupt on the Bootloader screen.
    I have all the right drivers installed and flashing works fine and then i get the "Your phone failed to re-enumerate after RAM downloader was sent.".

    I've been trying all night long to get it working and I'm about to give up.
    I know sooner or later my battery is going to die and i'm going to be screwed since I don't know anybody with a droid X battery.

    I'm about ready to throw it off a cliff and go back to my evo shift 4g.

    I'm really begging for help here.

    Oh look now it says the battery is low and it can't program.

    Guess I'm screwed. -_-
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