CM7 wont start and wont work period.

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    Yesterday at work my phone turned off randomly. I turned it back on, everything was fine. This happened 3 times and i was getting worried. After lunch happened again but this time it would start. It got stuck on this screen with the arrow spinning. I held the power button for a good 30 seconds and nothing happened. So I pulled out the battery said wtf and tried again. Again got stuck on this screen. My battery was at 15 percent so I left it on so it would die and after charging maybe it would work. Took 3 hours for it to die which was a surprise. Got home charged it tried to reboot and now its been on the same screen for 14 hours straight :| any help?
    When trying to boot my phone in bootloader everything shows up as normal then before I can do anything it says
    Parsing... [SD ZIP}
    [1] MDM9K
    [2] RADIO_V2
    Do you want to start update? I press yes it updates and the whole process starts over again. I press no, the whole process starts over agian.

    Any help? I have backups on my phone from other ROMS but can't do anything about it at the moment.
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