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    First disclaimer that I'm a complete Noob. Now since that is out of the way, here some a few question about some things my Droid 1 started doing since I installed CM7 that it didn't do when I had stock. I don't have the CM7 build number right in front of me at the moment, but it was the most stable version available as of a few weeks ago. If it's needed, let me know.

    1. With stock, when I ended the phone call, the screen would power off almost immediately. It usually stays on a full minute now. I know how to change the screen time out, but can't find the setting for screen time out after a phone call. Does anybody know where this is? On a side note, I'm trying to preserve my power button as it appears to be wearing out. Therefore, the less I use this, the better.

    2. For whatever reason haptic feedback drastically slows down my phone and causes it to lag. I've managed to turn it of, yet it still does it when dialing phone numbers on the dial pad. Any ideas on that?

    3. My slide out keyboard is for the most part useless right now because it appears to be on Hot Key settings, since I installed CM7. For example, I was in my browser trying to type in Accuweather and instead when I pressed the "C" key, it took me to the camera. How do I turn the hot keys off?

    I've searched around in the settings trying to figure this stuff out, but have had no success. Thanks in advance!
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